What is a BIN/ IIN? How can I check my card BIN?

All credit and debit cards issued by any financial institution is assigned a Bank Identification Number (BIN) - Bank Identification Number (BIN).

The purpose of this article - to provide information on:

  • any data on payment card embedded in BIN and when not do without them;
  • how to set the correct BIN, as this is very important when, for whatever reason, fails to make payment. Of particular relevance is acquiring, when you decided to make a long trip.

The initial six digits on the map - this is it BIN.

The main purpose of the code - the identification of a financial institution in the payment systems (PS) in carrying out transactions using your card. The first figure - a marker of the SS, in which it is served. For American Express - is 3 for VISA - 4 and Master Card - 5.

BIN also indicates the bank and the country in which to release a means of payment, and to what level of premium relates (Classic, Electron, Gold, etc.) and category (debit, credit, debit with oferdraftom).

Why coded information?

During the usual payments in these particulars are not necessary. However, in cases where no payment takes place in the store, terminal, when ordering any of the services, the first thing you want to do - check your credit card BIN. It will also need if you are going on a business or tourist trip, you want to rent a car, buy a ticket or reserve a hotel room.

Causes and resolution of the problem "wrong" BIN

The most common problems with payments:

  • Rather than credit you have issued debit card, or vice versa; however, you must know that the credit limit can be switched using the bank overdraft transactions, which allows to calculate a finite, negative result on the balance sheet.
  • The payment card is issued not by the bank in which you received it, and other financial organizations in accordance with the partnership agreement.
  • Exterior plastic card does not correspond to its premium.
  • Map obtained from domestic banks, read as released in Europe, because it is a subsidiary of a European bank.
  • If this gift card payment served by financial institution of another country.

Options with a map of situations in which the "wrong" BIN

  1. If the purchase is paid card is defined as foreign.
    • Payment can take place without problems.
    • The transaction did not take place.
    • Money will be written off, but you will be asked to submit a photocopy of a means of payment and identification proving lichnost.Pri booking a hotel or renting a car payment is not carried out when the card, decorated as a credit, is identified as a debit, or vice versa.
  2. It is necessary to pay in any other way and contact the financial institution that issued the card to address the issue.
  3. When paying by card abroad, the Russian currency tied to the account, you are allowed to pay in rubles, but with double conversion Euro - Ruble - Euro interbank rate between your and the foreign banking institution serving the payment transaction.

This is an incomplete list of problematic issues that may arise, but to understand why should promptly check the BIN is enough. If there is any of the above or any other situation associated with the code, the easiest way to protect yourself from these problems - drawing the other, but without the "pitfalls" card.